Two local businesses choose collaboration over competition

collaboratorsWhen Reyes Cisneros and Melody Romancito met while working for a local communications company, they had no idea that a couple of years later they’d be opening an office together. But that’s exactly what has happened with the opening their businesses’ shared space in El Prado for Burning Star Design and Graphics and Romancito House Media.

“A lot of our skills overlap, and it would be easy to consider each other as competitors for the same dollar, but we have figured out a way to collaborate instead,” Melody Romancito of Romancito House Media said.

“But when you actually look at it,” Reyes Cisneros of Burning Star Design and Graphics said, “the overlap is not as deep as you might think. I do most of my work in physical space, Melody does most of her online or in virtual space.”

Cisneros makes signs, decals, banners and other promotional items, and Romancito’s work is primarily copy writing, web design, audio and video editing and social media.

“Because of this great fit, we’re able to easily collaborate on projects, and being able to share expenses sure makes it easier to launch our start-ups. We’d like to think, in the spirit of working together, we are able to create a small, business incubator-like environment while still helping to boost other businesses looking to establish or refine their brand identity,” Romancito said.

“Whether you’re looking for a redesign of an already established business package or you’re looking to start a new enterprise, we’re in a good position, skill-wise, to handle everything from the logo and web site design, signs, postcards and more to video and radio commercials, we’ve got you covered,” Cisneros said.

exteriorBetween Romancito’s experience as a writer, editor and designer for the last 27 years and Cisneros’ home-boy status as a Taos native, they said they are optimistic about the prospects for the future.

“We know it’s risky to start a business these days, but we’re encouraged by the community support we’ve already gotten, and we’re confident Taos and its economy is on the mend and we’re here to be part of that,” Cisneros said.

Their office is located at 1304 B Paseo del Pueblo Norte in El Prado, between Valerie’s Barbershop and the Red Arrow Emporium. For more information, visit and

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